Van Sickle Downhill

People are always asking us about shuttles to downhill mountain bike trails that involve little to no climbing. Van Sickle is one of only 2 (Hawley Grade in Meyers is the other one) that we currently know of, though there is at least one more being built at this time. Van Sickle is a multi-use trail and it does get very busy with a lot of hikers, especially on summer weekends. Remember, we mountain bikers are last on the yielding totem pole, so be sure to stop and get to the side of the trail when you encounter hikers or horses. If you can avoid riding this at peak usage times, you’ll have a much more enjoyable (and faster) ride. From the drop off point at the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) Kingsbury South Trailhead, it’s just one easy mile along the TRT to get to the intersection where Van Sickle drops down towards the lake and the casino corridor. Once there, you’re in for a super fun and somewhat technical 3 mile downhill. There are a few spots where the trail is pretty narrow with significant drops off the side so if you were to get squirrelly there could be consequences. In addition to some granite rock obstacles, there are also a couple of small creek crossings and tight switchbacks. For relatively little work to get to the downhill, this ride sure delivers making it one of my favorites in South Tahoe. See you on the trail – Kat

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